Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teaching and Learning Shapes—Why?

Because it's fun! Of course we all know that part, but did you know that learning shapes help children identify letters and help them with reading and writing later on? Letters are made up of circles, lines, and triangles. Look at the parts of a triangle in k, v and w or the circles in b, q, and p, also the lines of a square in l, q, k and so on. By learning to draw basic shapes children will have the beginning skills for pre-writing! Who knew you could have so much fun teaching and learning?

Wait, there is more, and this is going to be stating a bit of the obvious. Learning shapes at an early age exposes children to the world of math as well. The world of angles, geometry, numbers, puzzles, etc. is now open simply because you are teaching something so fun!

Do2Learn offers several ideas on how to begin to teach shapes and make it fun. We hope you have a great time with these activities.

  • Shape People—make a shape person with triangles, circles or squares. (click on link for complete instructions)

  • The Shape Book—Students learn shapes by decorating each shape with various textures. (click on link for complete instructions)

  • Shape Tracing—Practice drawing shapes. (click on link for printouts)

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