Thursday, June 14, 2012

Autism and Trying New Things

Does the title of this blog send you running for the hills at the thought of introducing something new into your child or student's life. It could be as simple (to you) as switching from the blue crayon to a red one or as complex as going through the grocery store in a different pattern. You know that what can be a simple “trying of something” for some kids is simply not that easy when an individual has Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Structure and organization, patience and time! They are our best friends in easing the anxiety in individuals with ASD and trying new things. The anxiety these individuals feel can limit their knowledge about their world and opportunities to find things they enjoy. So if we structure these experiences through planning and preparation, we can help ease anxiety and set up the situation for success.
  • Trying New Things Story—Use this as you would a social story. Individualize it to the situation and the person, then review it often well in advance of the planned “new experience”.
  • Select the new thing to plan and prepare for.
  • Complete the Circle form graphic organizer to lay out the steps (see below)
  • Follow the plan in the Circle Form

Check here for more information on "Trying New Things".  Have fun trying new things and we wish you much success!  

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