Monday, May 7, 2012

Emotions Color Wheel—Part II

The Emotions Color Wheel has even more uses then we discussed in Part I of this blog series. The color wheel can be used to teach individuals with Autism about relationships to others. Also it can be used to instruct how much information to share (and the intensity of the emotion to show when sharing that information) with others based on the relationship the individual with Autism may have with them.

  • With a stranger you would keep all of your emotions in the outer levels of the Emotions Color Wheel because it is safer.
  • With friends that you are closer to and you know very well you can show more intense emotions.
  • With an authority figure you would show less intense emotions than you would with family members or close friends. For example, if you are upset by a grade you got on a paper, you might be 'distraught' when when talking about it with a friend, but when discussing it with a teacher it would be wiser to be 'disappointed'.

The less you know someone the further it is from the center of the Relationship Target circle, the less intense the emotional expressions should be and the further it should be from the black center of the Emotion Color Wheel.

Do2Learn also offers a Relationship Target worksheet, shown below that is FREE, that you can print and use in your home and classroom. This helps to visually illustrate the categories of people within a social system and to individuals with Autism determine the levels of appropriate social interactions for each classification.

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