Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Organize a Pre-K Classroom

Organize, organize, organize! The key word in teaching all children, but particularly those with Autism and as we know early education is very important. So let's take a peek at a pre-k classroom set-up that is very successful. We know that teachers are not given a lot of space, so being organized is very important and visually organizing the space is even more important to giving the ASD student clues as to what is expected of them in that space. We will refer to this as Jane's classroom and there is a permanent link with more information for you.

There are lots of separate areas within Jane's classroom to allow for students to work on different goals at the same time and then come together for group activities too.

  • In the work center the tasks are color-coded and numbered for independent learning.

  • Large and small motor skills are used in the play center.

  • The reading center is a quiet spot with bookcases and a reading rack.

  • The computer area allows two students to work at the same time.

  • At the snack/lunch table each child's chair has their name on it and they have a footstool.

  • Each child has their own space for storage. Label with their name and photo and fave color.

  • In the bathroom label baskets to organize each child's extra clothes and use picture cards to show the toileting sequence.

  • The calendar center is the perfect gathering place for all group activities.

  • At the helper center each child has a name card that is placed beside a helping task.

For more detailed information check out Jane's classroom. We hope you get some great ideas for setting up your classroom!!

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