Monday, May 14, 2012

Sequencing and Autism

Sequencing is the task of putting things in order, which can make sequencing activities very appealing to individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. The ability to put things into sequential order demonstrates a number of skills including recognizing people, places and objects as well as concepts of time. Sequencing activities for students can help develop a number of different skills that are necessary for life skill tasks and communication.

What's the Order” is an interactive game from Do2Learn that helps students master the techniques of time sequencing. Players watch a video of a live person doing an activity and then are challenged to put the individual actions into the right order. This game utilizes both:

  • Linear time—first, then
  • Relative time—before, after

The videos are of actual people, there are printable activities, and teachers/parents can track progress with performance reports.

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