Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tips for Teachers—Back-to-School

Parents, you are not alone in prepping for back-to-school. Teachers are busy as bees preparing lessons, deciding how to set up their classrooms, and waiting for the day they can get into the school to get the class list and begin to know who they will be teaching this year. Teachers, we don't want to leave you out so, we have a few tips here to share with you. Some of these may be new and others not, but in either case please feel free to share with other educators in your life.

  • Read through your student files and IEPs. This will provide you with valuable information about any learning or behavior challenges that you will need to be prepared for on that first day of school.
  • After reading those IEPs call any student's parents you think will benefit from early visits to the school/class and arrange for those visits. These visits need to be structured and include a tour of the school, introduction of key administration and other teachers in the school that the student may be in contact with (if possible) and end on a very positive note.
  • Check for food allergies of all your students and make sure that if there are any that you have all the information on that allergy. This would be good information to include in your class newsletter to send home and also to keep posted on your class door, as well as your class web page. Peanut allergies are very common these days and it's not uncommon for classrooms to be a peanut free zone.
  • Put that class newsletter together or better yet, call on a parent to help you with this. Parents love to be included and doing the newsletter make them feel like they are “in the know”. Parent/teacher communication is vital and parents love to read about happenings in the classroom and are more likely to donate supplies and time when they are reminded of needs on a consistent basis.
  • Get your room all set up and all your visuals and structure in place.
  • Review our Graphic Organizer blog and print those you find most useful.

Do2Learn believes that simply telling busy teachers and parents what they should be doing is not enough. They provide hands-on resources and explanations needed to implement the suggestions as well. Please visit the website for more information and have a great start to the school year.
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