Monday, June 20, 2011

What Color Are You Feeling?

Are emotions linked to colors? Or, more importantly, can folks with autism spectrum disorder understand emotions better when the emotion is linked to a color? Sometimes, yes! At times, emotion words are difficult to use...some folks find it easier to say "I'm so RED!!!" when they are very angry instead of saying "I feel mad."

Do2Learn's FREE Emotions Color Wheel links the emotion name to the etymology,  color, definition, statement, and photo of a face depicting that emotion. In creating this color wheel, emotions were first divided into six general categories and assigned colors.

Then, more detailed emotions were added in, as were gradients of color. See?

The milder emotions are at the edges of the wheel, while more intense emotions like "hysterical" and "enraged" are closer to the center of the wheel. This is important, as most emotions have a basic state and vary from mild to intense which is shown on the wheel above, or like this!

 To see details on a specific emotion, like angry, simply click on that word in the color wheel...the word will pulse and this information will appear.

Of course, not everyone experiences emotions in the same way or agrees that all emotions are certain colors. If perhaps happy is not "green" to you, don't despair!

Do2Learn has blank emotion color wheels available so you can individualize the color wheel to your own needs! Download the blank wheel here.

You can find more info about Do2Learn's Emotions Color Wheel here! Do you think emotions are linked to colors, either for yourself or for folks with autism spectrum disorders?

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