Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and IEP Review

Happy 2012 from Do2Learn! Time to take a deep breath and look towards what you hope to accomplish in this new year. I have always liked this time of year to go over my child's IEP to see if her goals are still appropriate and perhaps plan for her IEP team to have a meeting to review this together.

Being the mother of a daughter (who is almost 19 now) who has Autism, I did not always feel as much a part of the IEP team as I should have. The more I learned, the more confidant I became as a member of this valuable educational team. Who knew my daughter the best in those meetings? Me, of course!

I hope that you will feel confidant as a member of your child's IEP Team. Learning about the process is very important to not feeling so lost in what can feel like a jungle of acronyms at times. Do2learn has several areas to help you begin learning about IEP's and other information to build your confidence when advocating for your child educationally.

Check under the RED, Disabilities box on our website. There is a lot of information under this box, but specifically related to the IEP, is within the Parents & Teachers section of the drop-down. You will also notice areas for Terms and Acronyms here too. Please enjoy exploring this area of our website and I hope you find that the information empowers you as you review your child's IEP for the new year.

All of this information in the Disabilities area is a FREE area of Do2Learn. Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's a Whole New Look and More

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Our team here at Do2Learn has been working very hard to help your web navigation experience be a fun one. You will find several different ways to find your favorite Do2Learn products on our new website. We hope you will take the time to browse our new website and give us your feedback. You can send us your feedback from any of our pages through the “Contact Us” link, located on the bottom of each web page.

We are also inviting you to visit our blog often for updates as we explore the website together. There will be changes in the look of the blog as we go along, so again, feel free to give us your feedback on that as well. You will begin to see Do2Learn becoming more active on Facebook and I also have it on good authority that Do2Learn will soon be on Twitter too.

Thanks for your continued patience as we here at Do2Learn work to make our educational products better for you!