Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back To School Prep

It seems like Summer is barely halfway over for some, but others are already back in class. Now is the time to begin to prepare for sending your child back to school. That means more than just buying those all important school supplies that teachers are always so thankful for and need so much.

You may want to write a social story about what your child can expect in a school day. Read this story daily and make it exciting and fun! Be sure to include the following:
  • When bedtime will be on nights before going to school
  • What time they will have to get up on school mornings
  • How will they get to and from school
  • Will there be before or after school care
  • Any other details that you think may relieve anxiety
  • BUT be careful and don't add details that you are not sure of, because you know that your child will hold you to the story, so be sure to leave yourself some room for changes as they can happen.
Make some visits to the school and become familiar with the building and grounds if this is a new school. Even if it's not a new school, children are very reassured to know that this will be the same school that they went to last year and to be able to see it before there are lots of other people and noise can be very reassuring and lessen anxiety on those first few days.

Also, to assist in transitioning from home to school in the mornings, using a picture or written schedule can lessen anxiety for children and parents. Beginning the use of the schedule way before school will have both used to it and mornings will go smoothly.

With the picture schedule the activities are checked off as they are completed.

Written schedules can hold more complex information for more advanced readers.

For more detailed information on how to utilize these schedules and for blank forms and free printable picture cards please visit our site here.

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