Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Talk About STRESS---Do2Learn Can Help

Individuals with Autism have a really hard time labeling their own emotions and the emotions of other people. There are many ways to approach the challenge of teaching this vital skill and Do2Learn has designed a wonderful set of materials and activities that can be used at home, in the classroom, small group, or one-to-one setting.

Home Emotionis the way you often feel when alone with no input from anyone else. D2L has a great Emotional Check-In/Check Out worksheet for use in the classroom as the students enter and exit each day.

Emotion And Scenario CardsD2L offers 3 Levels of FREE printable cards to be used with individuals in role playing and learning more about emotions in different scenarios.

Signs of Stressit can be very helpful for individuals with Autism to be able to identify the physical signs of stress. This way if they can identify those signs it may help in preventing meltdowns. Do2Learn has a wonderful worksheet to assist in going through Psychological Responses to different feelings. I recommend having a word bank for the individual to chose from with words that are familiar to that individual to make this activity less stressful.

What are Stress Triggerswhat makes your student stressed? D2L's worksheet is designed for the individual or a parent to complete.

The worksheets above are great to use periodically during the year as benchmarks to see how on individual is making progress towards a goal. Often teachers will use these during IEPs to provide information to the rest of the IEP team in a structured and organized way.

Below are more worksheets available under Do2Learn's Social Emotional Skills section of their website. All of this material has been made available to you FREE of charge. You will not that there are explanations for how to use the materials and suggestions on what type of paper to use, when warranted. 

Please see our website to check out the rest of the worksheets that will assist you in teaching about STRESS and then ways of relieving that stress.  You be happy to have discovered a structured way of doing so.

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