Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Keep Structure On The Weekend

You (the parent) do so well during the week keeping structure and schedules going so that your child with Autism knows what activity is next. You know that when you do this it makes life a lot simpler and that this structure actually builds in flexibility. We talked about this in the A Schedule? She's Two? blog. Oh, but here comes the weekend and there goes all the structure. You have things to do, places to go, and sometimes you need to shift gears pretty quick. How can you help your child with Autism make those transitions along with you and avoid the meltdowns?

Elizabeth Byers, a TEACCH Therapist, has offered her expert advice to us with an on-the-go Activity Folder.  She also offers complete instructions on how to make and use the folders.  I found this to be a great weekend folder that could travel on errands and outings to make those transitions go smoothly. I recommend practicing using this folder during smaller, less stressful trips and then build up to the weekends.
You may also find other uses for the Activity Folder as well, so don't limit it to just the use that has been suggested here.  Happy transitioning!

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