Thursday, April 19, 2012

Job Charts In The Classroom and The Home—Why?

Job charts provide routine and visual structure which is perfect for the classroom setting and at home. Let's look at what having jobs at home and in the classroom can do to enrich and prepare a child with ASD for the future.

Children need to help take care of the classroom and their home.
  • This helps children become invested in the class room itself and learn to take care of the materials in it. The children also learn to value their own property at home and that of others that live with them.
  • Give each student a chore or job to help maintain the classroom.
  • At home give children a chore/job that they can complete successfully and be sure to praise and show the child that others in the home have chores as well.

Children need to try their best on each task.
  • This helps to establish a work ethic and reinforce the value of learning.
  • Avoid having students grade each others papers. This helps lessen the anxiety and embarrassment some children may feel knowing a peer will know their grades.
  • Post the job chart where it is easily visible and set aside a time for these jobs to be completed. Ideally this would be the same time each week.
  • Each week change the jobs around so that the children get the opportunity to learn and try new skills.  Do this at home as well.

Do2Learn offers more information about how establishing classroom routines assists students with ASD on their website. Here is an example of a classroom job chart. This chart can be easily posted for viewing and the names and jobs switched around for variety.

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