Friday, February 10, 2012

Redesigning – Need Your Help

Do2Learn is in the process of redesigning many of our resources to make them more usable for schools and other organizations. Specifically, we are doing a complete redesign of our Make-A-Schedule program. We value your opinion and need your feedback and suggestions. So if you will answer a few questions regarding MAS and a few regarding your local school's software policy we would be very appreciative. We know you are out there reading this blog, visiting our site and using our resources. We see the stats and we want to make all our our resources easier for you to access. Tell us how we can do that.

Concerning Make-A-Schedule: (comments can be left in the comment section below or at this page at our site)
  • What would you like us to keep, drop, change or add within the program? This can be anything! Let your imagination go wild when you give us this feedback. Tell us about what new pictures would be helpful. Different templates? Is there something we need to do differently to make it easier for you?
  • What “picture program/schedule maker” are you using now and why that program? Be honest! Is it because it's what your school provides? As a parent is it affordable for you? Ease of use? Better pictures?

Concerning school software policy: (comments can be left in the comment section below or at this page at our site)
  • What is your school system's policy for software and outside web site access? This information will help us so much in the redesign of our products to assure you have ease of use.
  • Do you have a vendor check list for software compliance? If so, please share that with us! Again, this information will be very helpful in assuring your ease of use with our products.
  • If you don't know the answers to these questions, please forward the name and contact information of the IT department at your school/school system and we will happily contact them directly.

If you are having any problems in giving feedback with the above methods please visit our Facebook page and leave the information there or email your comments to me at We thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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