Sunday, February 26, 2012

ASNC and Do2Learn Partner—JobTIPS

In the Winter 2012 Edition of the Autism Society of North Carolina's (ASNC) magazine, The Spectrum, there is a wonderful article about a collaboration between the Training Department at ASNC and Do2Learn with the JobTIPS program. The initial group consisted of five individuals and two facilitators. Please read the entire article for more information about the vocational training group on page 17 of The Spectrum.

JobTIPS is designed to help individuals with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder explore career interests, seek and obtain employment, and successfully maintain employment. It also addresses the social and behavioral differences that might make identifying and keeping a job more difficult. Do2Learn offers JobTips FREE and the program is designed for direct use by the individual. Often it is more suitable to have someone else go through the program with the individual such as a job coach, parent, teacher, etc. Having this guidance may add structure to the program and having someone there to answer any questions right away is always helpful.

To assist those helping someone going through the JobTIPS program, Do2Learn has a comprehensive tutorial page complete with a step-by-step guide to assist in navigating the website.

For example the explanation of the toolbar:

The main toolbar on the left shows you all the major topics discussed on the website. You can use your mouse to scroll down to the topic you are interested in. If the title becomes highlighted when the cursor is over it, click on it. Most topics have a sidebar that appears the the right, showing the subtopics within that section. Use your mouse to scroll over the subtopic you are interested in and click on the highlighted title to go to that webpage.

The JobTIPS tutorial page further explains in detail videos, tip boxes, printables, key points, why boxes, and navigation arrows. This page is a good place to start when beginning the JobTIPS program for a successful navigation experience.

Do2Learn is committed to assisting those with Autism Spectrum Disorder in finding appropriate employment opportunities. Look for Transition Toolbox coming soon!

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