Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do2Learn - What's It All About?

Do2Learn is a great online resource that offers educational materials for educators and parents of children with special needs.

Our Mission:
The mission of Do2Learn is to use technology and the web to provide special learning resources for individuals with disabilities and the professionals and caregivers who serve them.

Working with leading educators, clinicians, and parents, we develop games and learning materials targeting specific deficits of individuals with neurological disorders including ASD, fetal alcohol effects, intellectual disabilities, attention disorders, learning and communication disorders and others. We specifically address deficits in the areas of behavior, socialization, communication, coping, and daily living skills.
Do2Learn has many tools and strategies online, including visuals for schedules, educational games, emotions and coping printables, and JobTIPS, a program for helping adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder seek and gain meaningful employment.

We will be profiling our programs on our blog, and we love feedback, so let us know what you think! Until then, check out our website at

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