Friday, January 6, 2012

Attention Medical Professionals

My inspiration for blogging is everywhere and for that I am so grateful. Yesterday I was inspired for today's post while sitting in the doctor's office with my daughter. I had plenty of time to reflect on the many visits to many medical professionals we had had over the nearly two decades of her life. Those early visits were very hard. Hey, I had a young daughter who had just been diagnosed with Autism and guess what? She had Autism! Plus, back in the day a lot of the doctors, dentists, eye care professionals, front desk staff, etc. (you get the picture) did not know a lot about Autism. Those three paragraphs in Psych 101 really did not do Autism the justice it deserved. Then the lay folks just wanted to know if she could count toothpicks like Rainman (the answer is still no).

Here we are in 2012 and with it being estimated that 1 in 110 children being born today has some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism is not a word that needs an explanation to anyone. Medical professionals are learning so much more about Autism and other types of special needs and this makes the lives of the patients they see (and the parents/guardians) so much easier. We thank you for that and please know it is recognized and appreciated.

A lot of your patients may have communication difficulties (Autism is a communication disorder no matter where on the spectrum a person falls) and you can make those office visits easier for them by adding visuals to the visit. I am not suggesting you turn your office into specialized center for those with special needs at all. But why not utilize Do2Learn products to put together 1 or 2 binders to use with those special patients when they come in?

What should be in those binder you might be asking yourself?

  • Well, I recommend pictures of things that you would be using during the visits. Laminate these pictures. Three hole punch the pictures so they go into the binders easily and can be removed for each specific patient. Make-A-Schedule is a wonderful resource for these pictures and Do2Learn is adding more and more medically related pictures everyday to the program. Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and other Medical related professionals are assisting us in what they are discovering they need. Please let us know what you might want too!

  • I would also add a few one-page social stories about any exams the patient might be going through. This can be for the parent to read over with patient while waiting. The story can include pictures ( Make-A-Schedule) or just words for someone who may be higher functioning and can read it themselves. This can alleviate a lot of anxiety before a blood draw or a dental exam/procedure to know exactly what to expect. Click here for Do2Learn's example of a picture social story.
  • Do2Learn has all of this packaged into one neat area for you on our website. Please click on the image below and get those binders made.

    Do2Learn for Doctors

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